My Football Manager 16 Story #7: Rejected

Few weeks ago I was nothing more than a cover-up for some illegal activities of gangsters that decided to wash dirty money in football. Now I’m their biggest hope to earn big money quickly and what’s more important legally. Just fantastic.

I predicted that better results of Pena Sports FC won’t only improve my team’s situation, but also my safety in Spain. Everything went great, because media and football fans noticed that I was working quite successfully here and trying to build something big. Unfortunately, I haven’t anticipated some of the side effects of my actions. And so now, from a few weeks already, I feel like I’m being constantly watched by chairman and his friends, who are really looking for Pena Sports FC victories and big earnings. It’s easy to understand their sudden change. Why would they risk a long time in prison when something goes wrong, when they can just pretend to be a professional board of football club and take big pay checks regularly? And I was the one to give ones.

Spanish third league championship chances

Nice progress – we’re named as one of the small favorites to win this year’s championship. A year ago we’re doomed to fail and be relegated.

While half a year ago I could enjoy quite a lot of freedom in my day-to-day work, now I was being watched and judged at every step. Every decision was carefully analyzed. Board gave me a new “good advice” almost every day. This brought new problems and complicated my situation even further. For example, I had to explain reasons behind the departure of Benat Aleman and Raul Iturrade, two solid central midfielders who just didn’t want to play for Pena Sports FC anymore. I could subdue them, yeah, dump all the blame on them, but I was little afraid of the consequences. The CEO could have taken such behavior of now former players as a “personal insult” and help the boys to retire early.

Who would you want from Osasuna, eh? – boss asked me one day, patting me on the back – of course, within our reach. There wasn’t really a good answer to that question. I have seen players from Pamplona some time ago and I didn’t find anyone who could be particularly useful now. They too had problems with lack of quality side-backs and defensive midfielders. So I started looking for reinforcements in the reserves of giants of La Liga and Serie A. Soon learned it wasn’t the greatest idea… Each of the coaches demanded to see, how could their youngsters develop in Spanish lower league side. And in that matter, we couldn’t offer anything special. So we were being constantly rejected. Just heard “no” every time. I even started to think that maybe our not so honest background scared them? Maybe they already know something?

Transfers to the club

New players of Pena Sports FC – all contracted for free. I hope they will lead the rest of the team to glory in Spanish third tier.

In the end I had to search for good players on a free agents list, as always. It’s not easy to pick decent ones from it, but if you search long enough and have a bit of luck, you can find some talents. I hoped that young Frenchman Mickael Borger, who previously played at Boulogne will be a good addition to the squad. Quite skilled right-back was what we needed the most. I also played va banque three times, signing deals with young Italian defensive midfielder Riccardo Geti raised by Modena and two gifted, as I think, strikers – Pawel Krauz and Sammy Slot. Both had already some experience in national youth teams, so they may rock the third Spanish league. I surely believe in that. I have to.

How will Pena Sports FC manage in the upcoming season? You don’t want to miss another episode of my Football Manager story!

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