PES 2017: Talents, Stars, Curiosities #1

It’s almost a year since I started my Master League adventure in PES 2017. Just like in past editions of ISS Pro/Pro Evolution Soccer, I created a team from scratch and started to build a football legend from poor defaults squad. Reports from my journey can be found on polish version of Here I wanted to create something different, a series of posts with all the talents, stars, thoughts, curiosities and funny things I met and experienced during my career. I hope this will be interesting and a good point to start some discussions. 

Athletic Bilbao in PES 2017

First let me show you Athletic Bilbao’s first eleven for 1/16 game of Europa League. This is one of the things I love about Master League – you will often meet strange squads, with legends or regens mixed with some real team members of one team. Athletic tried to stop me with Roberto Carlos on the left back and Claudio Lopez in front. It’s pure fun to stand against such team.

Master League - power of substitutes

This may sound immodestly, but sometimes I call myself the master of substitutions. Players that I introduce from the bench often make the difference on the pitch, just as in this case against Benevento. Maybe it’s because they’re fresh when taking on tired rivals? Anyway, it’s a good feeling to make a right substitiution in some important game.

Kerzhakov - PES 2017

It’s nothing strange when player with 90 OVR scores regularly and gives your team one victory after another. Sometimes however stars are born from players, that you wouldn’t bet on. In my case, it’s young regen of Kerzhakov. Russian forward has only 69 OVR, but is playing like a newborn Messi. Fast, with powerful shot and great instinct in penalty area – he just can’t stop scoring.

Alan Shearer PES 2017

And another example of beauty of PES 2017 Master League. Name other game when you can play league game against SSC Napoli with Alan Shearer as a centre forward. AI surely can shock you with its transfers and tactical decisions.

Simone Pepe PES 2017

Here’s my first major disappointment in Master League. I signed regen of Simone Pepe. Versatile Italian quickly showed great promise and jumped to around 80 OVR. On the pitch however he was dreadful, without any use to the team. When the right offer came, I sold him without a second thought. Do you remember similar flops from your careers?

Ould-Chikh PES 2017

On the contrary, Ould-Chikh is my discovery in PES 2017. I never heard about him, but he looked quite well regarding the stats, so I signed him as one of the first additions to the squad. Now he’s a right-wing beast that destroys one defender after another. He’s 86 OVR in my career right now and is still developing.

My debut in Europa League

Here’s my group of Europa League in my debut season in european cups. I had some luck drawing such rivals. Sporting failed few times and let me easily top the group. And that was just beginning of my great journey in this cup. 🙂

Have you heard or read remarks about PES 2017 being too generic? Some gamers blame online modes that because of them all the in-game players behave the same on the pitch.  Back then, in the old editions of the game on PS2 you often felt the difference between one striker and another, between two wingers or defenders. In PES 2017 they very often play and move almost the same. It’s hard to remember them that way and recall after few months. What do you think about it? I must say that there is something about it, cause I would hardly name three or maybe four players from my squad that look like they really have some personality and unique style.

PES 2017 infuriating!

Lastly something well known for any PES gamer – everyone had such game in PES 2017. You do everything, create hundreds of chances, but the ball keeps floating around the goal. It’s a great training for patience. 😉

Want more? There will be more, just let me know you want to read about PES 2017 and I will start collecting material to another episode of PES 2017: Talents, Stars, Curiosities!

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