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PES 6 Master League blog 0

PES 6 in 2021 #1: Master League on PSP

Master League. I’ve created the football club of my dreams, an European giant, for the first time on the PSX many years ago, when the game was still named ISS Pro Evolution 2. Then I played for weeks in the brilliant PES3 and PES5 on the PlayStation 2. My last adventure with Pro Evo was when I returned to beloved mode in PES 2017....


My Football Manager 16 Story #11: Empty house

Now that was unexpected. Several newspapers wrote that at the end of the current season I may be sacked and replaced by current coach of San Roque de Lepe, another team from the third Spanish league. Perhaps it was due to the fact that journalists were bored with inventing more rumours about my move to another team and decided to shock readers with something...


My Football Manager 16 Story #10: Hunted by the Yellow October

Only the biggest optimist or some kind of madman would assume that Pena Sports FC have any chances against Villarreal in Copa del Rey game. The problem was that my chairman just perfectly fits that description. He looks like WANTS us to win that game and gain promotion to the second tier of Spanish league in the same time. And so I started to...


PES 2017: Talents, Stars, Curiosities #2

PES 2018 is already at homes of many of us. Despite this my adventure in previous installement of the game continues, as I try to end my Master League campaing with treble (scudetto, Coppa Italia, Champions League). Few months ago I published first episode of my PES 2017 report. I was planning to add next episodes sooner, but wedding prepariations effectively hindered this task....


My Football Manager 16 Story #9: Yellow Fever

The plan made by the board was simple. Earn a quick promotion to Primera Division, fill out the stadium and bring in sponsors who will pay a fortune for billboards around the turf or a place on Pena Sports FC shirt. I was the one supposed to complete it. Smoothly. Or die trying.


My Football Manager 16 Story #8: Dumb and dumber (associate)

As always, I planned pre-season friendlies with little-known semi-professional opponents. This strategy worked well before and I believed that this time it will again serve well for my players. They just needed to comfortably work on fitness. Time for challenges and murderous fight for every meter of the pitch will come, so there’s no need to rush it. Also some impressive wins should raise...


My Football Manager 16 Story #7: Rejected

Few weeks ago I was nothing more than a cover-up for some illegal activities of gangsters that decided to wash dirty money in football. Now I’m their biggest hope to earn big money quickly and what’s more important legally. Just fantastic.


My Football Manager 16 Story #6: Dirty money

Pena Sports FC finished the season in the top half of the league table. Fans were delighted, my players proud and I felt satisfacted. Even the chairman was happy, though I knew that he couldn’t care less about the club’s future. I achieved my aim – succeeded with a team condemned to a certain relegation to the fourth league.


PES 2017: Talents, Stars, Curiosities #1

It’s almost a year since I started my Master League adventure in PES 2017. Just like in past editions of ISS Pro/Pro Evolution Soccer, I created a team from scratch and started to build a football legend from poor defaults squad. Reports from my journey can be found on polish version of Gralingrad.pl. Here I wanted to create something different, a series of posts...


My Football Manager 16 Story #5: Frost/Nixon

If I had to choose one element that decides, whether a players achieve success or fail miserably, I would pick strong mentality. Without it, even ones with great skills, won’t stand a chance in this brutal football world, where fans abuse you constantly, you need to be perfect every week and there are so many temptations. Even in the third Spanish league, players were able...