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Steredenn Review for Nintendo Switch

Shooters have a long history, one of the longest of all game genres. Fans of this kind of fun, who love to test their dexterity while maneuvering between hundreds of bullets, therefore have not only many items to choose from, but also a rich palette of classics to which they can compare new items. However, I invite you to today’s Steredenn review without such...

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Invisible Inc. #2: A risky move by Shalem-11

One bullet in the magazine and two stun guns, which won’t work if the guard is wearing any kind of armour. In terms of weaponry, the three Invisible Inc. operators looked terrible. In this situation, their greatest asset was Incognita, but her energy reserves were dwindling fast.

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Invisible Inc. #1: In the hands of Megacorporations

The year 2074: the world is ruled by megacorporations that have divided their influence. They have occupied entire continents, subjugating nations with their endless financial resources, deals and advanced technologies. For several years they have been deciding the fate of every individual. Only a few are resisting them, including our organisation Invisible Inc.

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Madness Beverage Review for Nintendo Switch

Dynamic skirmishes with overwhelming enemy forces accompanied by adrenaline-pumping, energetic tracks – the recipe for a good first-person shooter has been known for almost three decades and certainly belongs to the tried and tested ones. Madness Beverage also builds on it, but decides to mix up the formula a bit to hit the player’s head harder. With what effects? We’ll talk about that in...

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Urban Flow Review for Nintendo Switch

How difficult can it be to manage traffic lights? You alternate between red and green at different parts of an intersection and direct the traffic in this way. Do you think it is a piece of cake and not very interesting? Then welcome to the world of Urban Flow.


Resident Evil 2 #1: The Diary of Leon S. Kennedy

My name is Leon S. Kennedy. I am a police officer. At the beginning of October 1998 I was going to start my work at the police station in Racoon City. It was supposed to be the first stop in my career. A place where I could gather so much needed experience as a law enforcement officer. I didn’t expect it would change my...


My Football Manager 16 Story #11: Empty house

Now that was unexpected. Several newspapers wrote that at the end of the current season I may be sacked and replaced by current coach of San Roque de Lepe, another team from the third Spanish league. Perhaps it was due to the fact that journalists were bored with inventing more rumours about my move to another team and decided to shock readers with something...


My Football Manager 16 Story #10: Hunted by the Yellow October

Only the biggest optimist or some kind of madman would assume that Pena Sports FC have any chances against Villarreal in Copa del Rey game. The problem was that my chairman just perfectly fits that description. He looks like WANTS us to win that game and gain promotion to the second tier of Spanish league in the same time. And so I started to...


PES 2017: Talents, Stars, Curiosities #2

PES 2018 is already at homes of many of us. Despite this my adventure in previous installement of the game continues, as I try to end my Master League campaing with treble (scudetto, Coppa Italia, Champions League). Few months ago I published first episode of my PES 2017 report. I was planning to add next episodes sooner, but wedding prepariations effectively hindered this task....