My Football Manager 16 Story #11: Empty house

Now that was unexpected. Several newspapers wrote that at the end of the current season I may be sacked and replaced by current coach of San Roque de Lepe, another team from the third Spanish league. Perhaps it was due to the fact that journalists were bored with inventing more rumours about my move to another team and decided to shock readers with something new. Or maybe there was something true about that? I felt a little uncomfortable when I saw few similar articles. Such kind of an surprising blow worked really great as a way of dealing with my overgrowing confidence.

Pena Sports FC performed unexpectedly well in the third Spanish league in current season. We just ended our nice adventure in Copa del Rey, just to add something to these nice results in the league. It wasn’t the right moment to think about replacing coach, so I didn’t feel well about all these rumors. Won’t my contract be extended? It wasn’t making any sense. I know that chairman isn’t exactly the kind of guy that acts predictably, but still, he had no reasons to sack me now.  Of course, in Pena Sports FC, everything was possible. I should’ve learned that already.

The winter break brought again some interesting transfers in Spain. Arsenal went on spending frenzy, Valencia surprised as well. Would you give so much for Ignacio Camacho (20 mln euro)  and Nemania Radoja (13 mln euro)?

I decided to start my private investigation. The next few minutes I spent reading news and posts published on the internet and popular social media sites. Feeling like modern Sherlock Holmes, I found some useful leads. Coach of San Roque de Lepe is a good friend of my boss. So this idea to employ him on my position may be just a gamble in order to better conceal the board’s schemes. He may have come up with an idea to create a circle of trusted people, who will sweep a few things under the carpet and make it easier to break the law.

If I had any reason to stay here and work at San Francisco stadium for another year, then now they were gone. Dead and buried. I stopped ignoring some facts and feeling any kind of sympathy for this club. I knew very well about the poor financial situation and the roots of this problems. I finally noticed that Pena Sports FC has a really small group of loyal fans. Despite our fight for promotion to the second league, the number of men that came to the stadium in order to cheer us wasn’t increasing at all. We were playing literally for two hundred people. Pena Sports FC was filling the stadium in just twenty-five percent, standing somewhere at the end of the league classification. I could only feel sympathy towards another team from the top, Atletico Astorga FC, which had even worse statistics, a hundred fans cheering it on average. With such a base, there’s no way any coach would build anything.

So although I had already contracted nice summer reinforcements and it was more and more likely that I could test them in the Segunda Division next year, I was somehow more than ever determined to get the hell out of here. And I wasn’t exactly aiming to return to my holiday house to waste days with vodka and herring.  I wanted to coach some team, last one before my retirement. But I needed a more professional club, with a larger stadium and a more dedicated group of faithful fans. That would be something. I just had to keep my fingers crossed, so that the situation at the end of June wouldn’t change and my boss would really sack me and let me free. I did not work for Pena Sports FC account anymore, but rather for private advertising. It went well, because for this moment my team jumped even onto second place on the table….

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