PES 2017: Talents, Stars, Curiosities #2

PES 2018 is already at homes of many of us. Despite this my adventure in previous installement of the game continues, as I try to end my Master League campaing with treble (scudetto, Coppa Italia, Champions League). Few months ago I published first episode of my PES 2017 report. I was planning to add next episodes sooner, but wedding prepariations effectively hindered this task. Anyway, here’s a little off-date, but I believe still interesting, second episode of talents, stars and curiosities that I found in PES 2017.

First let me introduce some members of my team. On the picture you can see my first-choice goalkeeper Speroni (more on him later), my great wingers Ould-Chikh and Pulisic (both great talents helping the squad with regular assists and goals), leader Halilovic, young defensive midfielder Tymoschuk (great addition to any defensive line) and some of my discoveries during this Master League campaing – defender Kalaica (strong, tall and pretty fast) and striker Eggestein (with almost a sixth sense in the penalty area).

I always try to build my squad in such manner to cover every position with at last two good players. That helps me avoid problems when injuries or red arrows occurs. Even so, I couldn’t be prepared for such epidemic as seen on screen above – only one defender was ready for next game – five were in poor form!

Nothing hurts more that lost final. Especially when it’s your first chance to win any trophy in your Master League campaign. Torino is one of the most difficult to beat teams for my CF Madrid and it’s hard to tell why. They just keeps finding a way to beat my tactic.

How many penalty kicks occured in your playing time in PES 2017? In mine, there were three or four. The same goes for free kicks around the penalty area – when you try to count them, it really looks like there are too few of them. Even so, I’m far from saying that PES 2017 is unrealistic in this matter – in my games, there are 4-5 fouls per game, just most of them are in the center of the pitch.

My goalkeeper Speroni was bought as a youth team product just to fill the gap for a season or two. He showed promise, developed well and so even now he stands in goal, doing just fine. He is sure worth watching, when you search for a decent goalie. However he’s not a miracle maker, so good teams like Roma can wreak havoc, when your defenders take a day off.

I’m not the kind of player that splashes big cash on transfers. So in my current Master League campaign my record was set when I brought regen Marcin Wasilewski from Leicester City. Almost 80 OVR 18-years old centre-back with good heading and tackling – just the player I needed. Cash? 30 milion euros. And what was your most expensive move?

When I created my CF Madrid team from scratch I set Inter as one my rivals. Later I heard many opinions that this “derbies” are just awful – AI cheats, games are played in ultra-fast tempo without almost any breaks. I cannot say that’s true – my experience shows that there are very similar to normal games, maybe sometimes a little harder, but that may be the result of the quality of opposition. I won’t criticize Konami for this addition to the game.

Dario Srna – exceptional talent from my youth team. He will surely be a major star in my Master League in years to come, but sadly not in my squad. I sold him after few months, because we couldn’t agree on contract extension details. Srna, as a developing 17-old, wanted some bizarre salary, 3 or 4 milions a season, way out of my capabilities. So we parted our ways. Later I read that many players had similar problems with extending contracts of their stars. Looks like a mistake made by Konami.

Let me end this episode with my star – Halilović. Croatian midfielder became virtuoso of my squad – the first and only to this moment. What’s strange – there are many roles that player can achieve in PES 2017, like general, rising star or bandera, but after five seasons only Halilović achieved something more than protege. I know that these roles mentioned above need to be achieved by hard work,  but I don’t think Konami planned all of this too well. Not many gamers would wait eight or more seasons to see their players became superstars of their teams…Especially when later in the game most of the team members have 90 or so overall and are one of the best in the ML world. 

Want more? If so, let me know in comments here or on reddit or at my social media profiles and I will start collecting material to another episode of PES 2017: Talents, Stars, Curiosities! Thanks for reading and any feedback!

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