My Football Manager 16 Story #2: Swamp

My Football Manager Story continues, as I try to build something in Pena Sports – club controlled by some Spanish gangsters with a dream to own a Primera Division club. The situation is getting more and more bizarre with every day…

I don’t know how my employers did it, but for the past few weeks no one was looking for me or trying to contact me. I began to worry about the well-being of a few friends, especially chairman Sakamoto of Sabadell FC, who tried to sign me a few weeks ago. Current dangerous situation forced me to play my part in this bizarre show. I’ve started working at Pena Sports as if it was the beginning of normal work in any football club in Spain. This time, contrary to my past experiences, I had much better insight into the market and more experience, so the club’s status and strength of the squad improved faster.

My boss had reasons to be happy. It took me only a couple of weeks to make some interesting additions to the squad. I don’t know why I worked like this. Maybe I was just afraid about my life? Trying to keep myself alive, I’ve used my old contacts and gathered knowledge, to help people that harassed me and kidnapped from airport . I didn’t feel well about this.

At nights I wondered, if this is the beginning of my new life – as a part of this football mob? I was afraid that these guys would drag me into a swamp that I couldn’t escape. I had to take the risk, I had no other choice – that’s what I said to myself, greeting new players, young and talented ones from the reserves of such teams as Real Madrid, SSC Napoli or Juventus. Guys like Alvaro Bernabeu or Bernardes Saraiva came to Spain grateful of given chance and unaware of the whole situation.

My fears about the future grew stronger when one day my assistant told me about an “accident” of goalkeeper Guillermo Munariz at training. Broken arm during barbell exercises? How did he do that?! – I shouted out loud in response to such information. Next day I decided to investigate it a bit, but the physiotherapist quickly advised me to abandon my private investigation. He took me aside and told truth about this mysterious accident. The injury of the goalkeeper was related to the transfer of Richi Paz, player that I signed a few days earlier. His arrival angered Munariz, who went to talk about this with the chairman. He wanted to find an ally, but clearly didn’t find such. His criticizm of my work angered chairman, who instructed Arturo to teach Munariz a lesson. And so his right-hand give our player a really painful lesson.

I felt cold sweat on my back even few minutes after our small conversation with a physio. What will happen if I fail to achieve what they expect? They will probably bury me in the desert and no one will ever find the body. I’ve never worked in such conditions.

Fortunately for now, results defended me. We began the preparations sensationally, achieving three successive victories with rivals of similar potential. It looked good. We played much better than the side that was predicted to battle relegation. For a brief moment, I even forget that I’m working with gangsters.

After a few weeks, I had an excellent insight into the reality of the Spanish third division football. Reality soon came back, knocking hard on my door.

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